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Expansion vessels.


The range of expansion tanks are available in three styles horizontal, vertical and pipeline mounted.these tanks are designed to facilitate the pressurization of hydraulic systems and enable a constant supply throughout the system on both heating and potable water systems.

• Applications.
The GLV range is suitable for many types of system domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural. the membrane, made from food grade material (EPDM), is perfectly acceptable for use on potable water supplies and is approved by the WAC. with a temperature range of -10°C to + 100°C the tank may be used on domestic hot water supplies as an expansion vessel. other typical applications include-water treatment, pressurization systems, booster sets, reverse osmosis and as an aid to reduce water hammer.

• Technical specifications.
√Temperature range -10 ؛C to +100 ؛C
√Interchangeable EPDM membrane.
√Maximum of 10 barg system pressure (16 Barg models available).
√Supplied with 1.5 or 2.5 BAR pre-charge pressure.
√Suitable for hot & cold water, glycol mixtures, de-mineralized and de-ionized water.
√Available in weatherproof finish on request.
√Vertical, horizontal and pipeline mounted models.
√WRC approved.
√Manufactured to DIN 4807 (section 3). water totally isolated from tank body avoiding dangerous corrosion.

• Advantages.
√Easy and fast installation.
√-10 ؛C to +100 ؛C.
√Rubber membrane (EPDM) approved by WRC eliminates water to metal. contact, effectively eliminating corrosion. 
√Reduces frequent pump starts by acting as a pressure reservoir. 
√Interchangeable membrane to ensure long life.


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