UFTAS provides elevators well known for their high technological features. the division enjoys a wide customer base ranging from hospitals, hotels, real estate development projects, administration buildings and many other industries. these clients are served with a wide range of elevators; maison lifts, hydraulic, traction, service lifts, etc.uftas is a leading supplier and installer of quality elevators known for its reliability, and its ability to provide after sales service and maintenance. we work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that aim for both quality and cost effectiveness. our solutions offer comfortable and safe transportation with strong emphasis on passengers’ safety, high performance levels, energy savings and modern designs, superb compatibility and minimization of maintenance costs.we offer complete solutions for lifts. there is a wide range of elevators; hydraulic lifts, traction lifts, maison lifts and dumbwaiters mainly to meet all our customer needs; easy installation, smooth and quiet operation, minimum maintenance and long working life. all our solutions are reliable and well established in the market. we offer customized design services.there are various accessories includes automatic doors, overload devices, emergency units, spares for automatic doors with state of the art technology.


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