Measurement & Control  

IV) Temperature Capability.

  • Temperature Sensor/Transmitters & Thermowells:

Throughout our wide range of temperature measurement devices used in oil & gas installations, petrochemical, general chemical power generation, water treatment and pharmaceutical industries, we provide a complete solution for your temperature measurement requirements.

UFTAS offers wide range of:-

• Thermo well assemblies
• Thermocouples
• Resistance thermometers
• Multipoint assemblies

IV.A) Thermo wells:
is a precise component serving as a protective device for the primary detecting elements. Its use allows the primary device tube replaced without the need to close the process line.
IV.B) Thermocouples:
J,K and T are readily available and all other types are available on request. constructions are from 6mm of diameter stainless steel sheath.
IV.A) Resistance Thermometers:
are constructed in accordance with the latest requirements of international standard IEC- 751 1983 and national standard BS 1904 and DN 43760. the basic value for resistance is 100 ohms at 0c and fundamental interval of 38.5 ohm. other elements with different fundamental intervals can be supplied.
IV.A) Multipoint assemblies:
are used where it's required to monitor or control varying parameters within veselsor reactors. these assemblies can be supplied as thermocouples or resistance thermometers.


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