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VII) Steam & Boiler Controls Capability.


VII.A) Boilers water level controls:
Our range of boiler controls covers most aspects of boiler water level control. products range from electro-mechanical level devices to sophisticated electronic energy saving products that form a major step towards the fully automated boiler house.

• Alarm and pump control
• Sequencing blowdown valves
• Fail Safety, high integrity, self monitoring
• Conversion heads
• Modulating water level controllers

  VII.B) ERAB Electronic Level Probes.

• For level control on steam boilers and associated plant:

We offer a comprehensive range of ERAB electronic level probes for steam boiler control covering both point and continuous level applications. our ERAB electronic level probes are also approved for marine applications.

VII.C) Hydrastep & hydratect water/steam monitoring systems.

VII.C.1) Mobrey electronic gauging system:

Failure to detect low water levels in steam-raising plant can have costly and potentially disastrous consequences. Reliable water level detection is vital to prevent damage to plant and personnel. our hydrastep electronic gauging system is the ideal "fit and forget" solution to overcome the problems associated with unreliable, maintenance intensive gauge glasses.

• High reliability, fault tolerant design
• Very low maintenance requirement
• Accurate water level indication
• Alarm and trip signals available
• 4-20mA level signal available


VII.C.2) The Hydratect Water/Steam Detection System:
The Hydratect Electronic Water Detection System is designed as an alternative to conventional water level switches on steam raising plant. it can be used in a wide variety of situations wherever the detection of water or steam is vital for safe and efficient operation.

• Turbine water induction prevention
• Steam line drain control
• Boiler water high level protection
• Stator winding cooling circuits

  VII.D) Automatic control check system (ACCS).

• For industrial steam boilers:
The automatic control check system (ACCS) from mobrey has been designed to provide automatic blow down of the boiler water level control chambers and their connections, at regular intervals, in sequence. this ensures adequate blowing through of the steam and water legs, purging of the float chamber and testing of the low water level alarms.

• Complies with EU requirements
• AOTC design approved
• Locking key prevents unauthorized interference
• Self checking dual channel design
• Provides uninterrupted boiler operation
• Connections available to interlock with flame sensing circuit

  VII.E) TDS control leaflet.

• The system comprises 4 major component parts:

1. Control unit
2. Probe
3. Control valve
4. 'T' piece attachment device

• Probe manufactured from exotic materials (Titanium and Zirconia)
• Probe designed to withstand 200 bars at saturated steam
• Direct readout of TDS from the probe sensor
• Temperature compensation built-in
• All component parts used and tested in other process environments
• 4 – 20mA programmable output
• Totally glandless construction of the probe
• An instrument for use in boilers giving precise readout of TDS
• Commercially competitive price


VII.F) Obscuration (smoking) Monitor OM80 :
The OM80 obscuration monitor provides continuous monitoring of smoke emission from combustion, or dust emission from air filtration systems.

• Electronic compensation for both lamp ageing and lens contamination
• Self-calibrating zero and span
• Full password security for access
• Digital indication of % obscuration
• Analogue and relay outputs for ancillary instrumentation and alarms
• Switch selectable configuration for dust or combustion duties
• Stack optics require only low voltage cables


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