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Deep Freezing.
  • Spiral Freezers:    
Super modular spiral
Super unipak spiral
Medium to large capacity applications enter here
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• Our spiral freezer will exceed your highest expectations:

  • guaranteed performance
  • highest quality workmanship
  • robust and reliable for long life and low maintenance
  • easy to access and clean (no hidden areas)
  • all stainless steel welded construction for optimum hygiene
  • pre-manufactured freezer floor
  • completely all seamless welded stainless steel enclosure for small and medium capacities
  • optional re-circulating CIP system

• Our spiral freezers will be custom designed for your freezing, chilling or proofing needs.

• Super Modular Spiral detail:

  Capacity: 4,000 to 15,000 lbs/hr
Products: Poultry, Meat, Prepared Foods, Bakery Products, Seafood, Pizza, Desserts

• Design Features:

  • non-proprietary components
  • industrial coil with large face area and wide fin spacing for long freezing cycle between defrosts
  • counter-flow vertical airflow for efficient heat transfer
  • designed for easy cleaning and easy access
  • modular design – for easy and quick on-site installation
  • insulated modular freezer floor with seamless welded stainless steel surfaces
  • all welded stainless steel support structure
  • optional re-circulating CIP system with low water consumption

• Vast experience with a complete freezer program and solutions for most applications:

  • Unbeatable experience in selection of the freezer or chiller to exceed your expectations
  • You get the right solution for your needs
  • We remember what you forget
  • Large Face Area & Wide Fin Spacing Evaporator Coil:

  • Long operation time
  • Quick defrost
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Available with aluminum tubes & aluminum fins or with stainless steel tubes & aluminum fins

• Vertical Counter Airflow:

  • Energy efficient
  • Optimum heat transfer
  • Low dehydration

• Modular Design:

  • Quick and easy installation

• Circulating CIP System:

  • Low water consumption
  • Combined cleaning & defrost
  • Dishwasher-type cleaning
  • Consistent performance
  • Operator friendly
  • Low environmental impact

• Well-Sloped Seamless Factory-Built Floor:

  • Floor heating not required
  • Minimum plant floor preparation
  • Easy water drainage
  • Slanted corners
  • Pre-installed electrical conduits

• One of north america’s largest coil manufacturers with in-house refrigeration expertise:

  • Designed to meet & exceed customer’s requirements for:
    - Long running times
    - Hygiene
    - Low energy consumption
  • Ongoing after-sales support

• Factory-Assembled Fan Chamber:

  • Easy inspection of see-through coil
  • Ample access for maintenance

• Leader in Coils with Stainless Steel Tubes:

  • Hygiene and ammonia safety

• Easy Access & Centralized Lubrication:

  • Easy maintenance

• Personnel Safety:

  • Designed to meet the highest safety demands

• Market-Driven Design & Manufacturing:

  • Comprehensive freezer and chiller program
  • Simple operation & maintenance
  • Hygiene by design
  • Use of readily available components

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