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Complete Product Range.

  • Level (Liquid and Dry products) Capability:
Continuous liquid level measurement and control–covering ultrasonic, non-contact radar, guided wave radar, tank gauging radar, capacitance, hydrostatic, displacer, indicators & monitoring systems & submersible level transmitters, and self powered contents & magnetic level gauges
Mechanical & electronic liquid level detection - covering the float operated liquid level switches, vibrating fork liquid level switches, displacer, magnetic, conductive, ultrasonic gap sensors and switches.
Solids and dry Level detection - covering paddle, capacitance and vibrating rod level switches for point level detection, and ultrasonic non-contact transmitters and guided wave radar for continuous level measurement.
  • Steam & Boiler controls capability:
Covering applications such as package boilers, high integrity self monitoring level control, boiler automation, sequential & blow down valves, tank level control, alarm systems for smoke and dust, and water level indication and water / steam monitoring systems.
  • Pressure Capability:
Our principals have extensive experience in the manufacture and calibration of digital and industrial absolute gauge pressure transmitters, pressure & air DP switches, SST Subsea pressure transmitter, pressure reducing metering, pressure gauges,  cargo overpressure monitoring system & hygienic level/pressure transmitters.
  • Flow Computers & Signal Converters:
Our range of liquid / Gas single & dual stream flow computers and signal converters are used in a wide variety of applications in both oil and gas transfer systems. the computers take inputs from a variety of sources and then perform all the appropriate calculations. the results can be read on the integral display and also transmitted to a remote workstation.
  • Suspended Solids Capability:
Both our microprocessor based, ultrasonic pulse continuous sludge blanket level monitor and our ultrasonic HART compatible suspended solids density monitoring and control system are low maintenance and have sensors to suit most sludge/slurry types. our suspended solids products are able to measure sludge and supernatant level and give sludge blanket alarm.
  • Viscosity Capability:
Our principals specialize in the manufacture of process viscosity measurement transmitters and analyzers, including complete analyzer systems. our viscosity transmitters allow for the real-time measurement of kinematic and dynamic viscosity, heavy fuel oil in the fuel circuit and non-newtonian fluids.
  • Density Capability:
Our industrial densitometers are designed to tackle the most difficult and demanding process and metering applications. they are the industry standard for on-line density measurement. our liquid density, gas density and gas relative (specific) gravity transducers are rugged and reliable with very low maintenance.
  • Flow Capability:
Covering ranges such as open channel flow system, ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter,  Rotameter variable area, liquid \ gas turbine flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter & converters, wet gas flow measurement dual stream & subsea well management, orifice plates & assemblies, Venturie, Nozzles, dall tube, Restriction orifices, meter run, wedge meters, primary DP flow measurement devices, air/liquid flow switches and indicators

• Temperature Capability:
Our principals specialize in the manufacture of temperature sensors, transmitters, thermostats, thermo-wells, thermocouples, temperature calibration UKAS and temperature gauges.

• Others:

Water in oil detector
Air quality,  Gas leak & duct smoke detection
Valves and actuators
Analysis instruments
Data acquisition systems


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