Refrigeration & Food Processing  
Meat Products.

Meat is a very special product and quite difficult to control. Its organoleptic properties are revealed only after certain changes that must be carefully controlled. processing meat products demands reliably designed installations capable of bringing the products to their optimum conditions for maturation, processing and conservation. Ever attentive to their needs, we work closely with clients to provide tailor-made solutions while guarding the confidentiality of the process.



  • Expertise in meat processing.

  • Refrigeration of meat dressing hall.

• Refrigeration / Carcase chilling:

  • Carcase- Chilling equipment conventional / Blast / Atomising.
  • Conservation / Cutting rooms:
  • Controlled environment: Dust, Temperature, Humidity.
  • Freezing / Refrigeration / Drying:
  • Freezing tunnels
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Drying tunnels
• Defrosting:
  • Defrosting chamber

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