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Deep Freezing.
  • Frozen Food Industry:    
  We provide the food processing industry with industrial freezers and chillers. we supply several complete lines of spiral freezers and tunnel freezers. we offer freezing and chilling solutions of the highest quality and best hygiene standards in the industry.    
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Spiral Freezers

Meat & poultry


Meat patties



Potato Products

Prepared foods

Bakery products

Specialty foods

  * Air cooler needs:
We provide industrial refrigeration coils and build heat exchangers for a variety of industries, but have specialized in manufacturing plate fin coils for use as refrigeration evaporators. our finned tube heat exchangers are used for cold storage, holding freezers, or as low temperature freezer coils for the food processing industries.
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Air coolers

Air coolers for
cold storage

Air coolers for
food processing

Air coolers for loading dock

Air coolers for carcass rapid chilling

Coils for
blast freezer

Coils for
freezing tunnel


We have specialized in producing coils in aluminum and stainless steel. the use of these metallurgies in combination with our continuous fin (CF) technology makes our coils easy to clean and hygienic. we manufacture both standard and custom built air coolers. in addition to that we offer a diverse array of options and alternatives to our customers. we present other products such as air cooled condensers for use in ice rinks. we are always looking for ways to expand the product lines we manufacture. many times new products are tailored upon customer requests.


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