Refrigeration & Food Processing  
Bakery, Milk and Ice Products.
  • Dairy Products, Bakery and Ice Cream Sector:

Active for more than half a century in food products refrigeration, our european agent has kept abreast of developments in cooling techniques in dairy products and cheese processes.with the development of industrial bakers, we offer new solutions for freezing and deep freezing products that had hitherto been impossible to deep freeze, thus demonstrating the benefit of know-how arising out of collaboration with the greatest industrial groups in the sector.


• Dairy Products:

  • Cooling milk
  • Cheese: maturing, draining and drying cellars
  • Desserts and yoghurt: batch or continuous cooling
  • Butter and derivatives: cooling or freezing
  • Bakery:
  • Cooling the dough
  • Deep freezing: bread and dough, patisseries
  • Air treatment in the production rooms
  • Ice creams:
  • Freezing tunnels
  • Ripening vats
  • Cooling after pasteurization

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